Fallout 76 is set in West Virginia, USA, with a map size 4 times that of its predecessor Fallout 4. By the time you are released into the world, it has been 20 years since the nuclear apocalypse, meaning this game is in fact a prequel to the other Fallout titles.

Fallout 76 has all new rendering and lighting technology, that has been announced to give 16 times the detail. There are six distinct regions that player will travel through, each with its own style, risks and rewards. There will also be new creatures for players to encounter.

It has been emphasised by Executive Producer Todd Howard that the game will keep it’s classic Fallout vibe despite the large shift in gameplay style.

Buried Power Armour


The map has been released in full by Bethesda and can be seen below.


It’s been no secret that crafting plays a big part in the game Fallout 76. The games predecessor, Fallout 4, brought to the table the first real taste of building game play, and now it seems more important than ever with Fallout 76.

It has been emphasised during E3 and other release details that you will be tasked with the rebuild of the United States, with the ability to pitch up your C.A.M.P station and build anywhere you desire!

Collaboration is also expected to be a feature in Fallout 76. Given it’s “online only” expectation, it’s fair to assume that you and a few friends can help each other out building a base.


Multiplayer is expected to be a very large part of Fallout 76. It’s not entirely clear yet how it will play out in terms of players ability to “opt out” of online activities. One feature that has many Fallout fans worried is the report of the map containing many nuclear missile sites. These sites can only be activated once you have the full launch code, often requiring collaboration from fellow online players.

Thankfully, as confirmed by Todd Howard Executive Producer of Bethesda, players should not worry about being wiped out. Any damage done by nuclear missiles can be repaired without too much trouble, and definitely shouldn’t be considered the end of the game.

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